Release Notes:   9B3 Firmware  2016.11        7-June-2017


 (last compile for old prototype of 06/2013 before current hardware release in 06/2017)

 File:  9B3.bin   

Description of Changes


First release - 9B3 project files set-up based on SP3.mcw and SP3.mcp

debugged to a working state, ported to second prototype board,

cleaned up the web page (colors)                                                                             2014.09a


Disabled green channel LEDs in Mute, and Rx LEDs in standby to mask

 out the residual voltage in old thru hole channel modules.


Merged some the latest SP3 fixes into the 9B3 code.  Hardware mod: added series diodes (green channels, 1N914) and 50k pulldowns to ground  to channel LED signals (green and red channels) to compensate voltage offsets.   Added reading back panel S1..S4 switches to set IP (2014.10a)  and Device ID:


S2,S3 = 01 -->, DeviceID=2

S2,S3 = 10 -->,  DeviceID=1

S2,S3 = 00 -->, DeviceID=3

S2,S3 = 11 --> , DeviceID=0, DHCP on, automatic IP mode (fallback to



Back-panel switch S configuration bits (1,2,3,4) top-down, (*=default), back view:


EXT ENABLE    1 [ |*] <-- 1=remote trigger   2 [*| ] <-- selects static IP   3 [*| ] <-- selects static IP

DHCP ENABLE   4 [*| ] <-- 1=automatic IP, 0=static IP

                 1 0  <-- switch status             2014.10b


Fixed DHCP bug (SPI clock lowered to 10MHz)                                                   2014.10c

fixed ENC_TimeOut bug in MACPowerUp                                                           2014.11b

Debugging DHCP reset and startup                                                                        2014.11c

Fixing TermWin missing chars, transmitting lines i=1-99 in separate tw(i) xml tags.

Testing with board release R3,                                                                                2014.12a

Adding modules temperature and vumeter sensing, bug fixes.                                 2016.11



Stan Bleszynski,

Bryston Ltd.