Switching BDA-1 on and off

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Switching BDA-1 on and off

by Pundamilia » Fri Dec 18, 2015 4:46 pm

I have my equipment connected to a power conditioner and would like to turn everything on/off with the one switch. Currently, I turn the BDA-1 on with its own switch. Is it okay to leave the BDA-1 switch on and turn it on and off using the central power switch? For that matter, what about other Bryston equipment (e.g. BDC-1 and BDP-1)?

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Re: Switching BDA-1 on and off

by Mike Pickett » Fri Dec 18, 2015 8:30 pm


The power switch on the BDA1 is a momentary toggle switch, and as such can't be left in the 'on' position. The easiest solution for this is to use the trigger input on the BDA1 to turn it on. If you have a Bryston preamp with a trigger output (or another brand that allows 12V trigger output), then it's simply a matter of connecting the trigger output on the preamp to the trigger input on your BDA1. If your preamp doesn't have a trigger output, and you have an extra outlet on your power conditioner, then you can use the following method:

You'll need a basic 8 - 10 Volt 'wall wart'; cut off the connector on the end, strip the wires, and screw them into the removable trigger plug on the back of the BDA1. Plug the trigger plug into the back of the BDA1, and the wall wart into the power conditioner.

Now, when you turn on the power conditioner, the BDA1 will automatically turn on as well. You can do the same thing for the BCD1 and BDP1, simply daisy chaining each unit from the BDA1. Since the BDP1 uses an 1/8" trigger connector, you'll need to modify a mono 1/8" male cable for the last leg...


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