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BDA-2 stuck on AES/EBU

Posted: Tue Dec 31, 2019 12:33 pm
by Robert D
My BDA-2 is stuck on AES/EBU Its stays red and does not change to green And always Stays on RED
Even when powered down it goes back to AES/EBU Stays Red
No other Buttons turn on at all.....
My BDP-1 Is connected Via USB & AES& EBU
My BCD-1 is connected Via SPDIF No Sound SPDIF DOES NOT LIGHT UP

No functions are working
My BDA-2 is on 24/7
I have tried everything , cables , Power, Front Panel of BDA-2 pushing the buttons ....
The BDA-2 Always goes back to AES/EBU RED
If anyone can help that would be much appreciated

Best Regards Robert