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How does the BDP-x pick up the metadata?

Posted: Wed Aug 31, 2016 4:03 am
by Pundamilia
I have been ripping CDs since I first got my BDP-1 (mostly with dBPoweramp, but also with other software) and I just noticed that the metadata information is not consistent. In some cases the Artist field is not showing up in the scrolling MM window at all. In fact, sometimes the playlist column on the left shows "Title by Artist" while the scrolling banner has First Line: "Title"; Second Line:"Artist - Album". In others, the playlist column shows: "Artist/Title", while the scrolling banner shows First Line:"Artist/Title"; Second Line: "Album Title". I realize that the differences are due to using different programs with different output configurations when I am ripping.

I would like to know what is the ideal output format in which to configure the ripping program, so the metadata is picked up consistently and in the right field for the BDP. Currently the files are stored on disk as Genre/Artist/Album/Individual Files. When I look at the HD with a Mac, all the individual files appear to be in the same format: "Track No. Artist - Title". Yet the metadata shows up differently in MM. So how does MM fill in the various metadata fields? Is it picking them up from the NTFS fields for music files or by location or delimiter in the file name?

Thanks In Advance for any suggestions to clear up my (and the BDP's) confusion. :o

P.S. I tried to search this issue in the forums, but couldn't find the answer I was looking for. I also entered this question into the AudioCircle forum, but I didn't get the answer that I was looking for. Hopefully the answer will benefit others as well.

Re: How does the BDP-x pick up the metadata?

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2016 8:18 pm
by Pundamilia
Okay, I have gone in and checked the metadata with Yate on the Mac. Even when the music is proper tagged (Title, Artist, Album Artist, Album, etc.) the BDP-2 STILL doesn't pick up all the metadata from the file. Bryston claims that the Info editor in Manic Moose is "a simple editor that enables you to edit basic metadata in an individual track. It is not designed to manage metadata for your entire library". If the BDP-2 is not picking up the metadata completely, how can I get the data into the BDP-2 short of using the editor to edit every album (which I refuse to do!).

BTW, I am getting a peeved at the lack of response from Bryston to a similar question asked to initiate this thread and in the audiocircle forum. Is it necessary to go directly to Bryston support to get a satisfactory answer to what should be a simple question?