Lipsync parameter range

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Lipsync parameter range

by stanb » Wed Jul 15, 2015 7:04 pm

Maximum Lipsync (SOURCE SETUP-->OTHER-->LIPSYNC) time delay depends on the maximum
internal sampling frequency and the maximum of the speaker distances parameters
(because of the capacity of the audio samples buffer).

The lower the sample rate, and the lower the speaker distances - the larger the Lipsync range.

If SYSTEM SETUP-->SPEAKER DIST = all 2.0m (default) and SOURCE SETUP-->OTHER-->D/A SAMP MAX = 192k (default),
then the Lipsync range is 0-44ms.

If you set:
D/A SAMP MAX = 96k - Lipsync range is 0-94ms
D/A SAMP MAX = 48k - Lipsync range is 0-194ms

This setting are per each source, individually, except speaker distances which are global.
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