SP3 HDMI downgrade not available?

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SP3 HDMI downgrade not available?

by mv038856 » Mon Sep 21, 2015 6:28 am

Hi Stan,

some time ago, I had upgraded the HDMI firmware in my SP3 to 1027, as I had problems with my two lumagen video processors that were conected to the SP3's HDMI outs to get a sync (and picture) for both.

Since 1027 gives me some problems with my blu-ray players (Denon DVD-3800BD and Oppo BDP-93) I wanted to downgrade to the recommended 1026.

When I follow the directions provided in this forum, however, I don't get the option to flash my HDMI board. When I enter the update menu and select the factory update, I only get the option to verify, flash or default the DSP A and B respectively, no HDMI.

I am running firmware 2015.4b and have the 1080P HDMI board installed. My SP3 is one of the earlier units (serial 29).

I went back to the factory default version f2011.89 and reflashed 2015.4b, but that did not change the options available. In the user branch of the update menu, only the keypad update is available.

Ho do I get my SP3 back to HDMI version 1026 then?


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Re: SP3 HDMI downgrade not available?

by stanb » Wed Sep 23, 2015 4:02 pm

The downgrade for the old HDMI 1027-->1026 is available up to revision 2015.04A (capital 'A' as opposed to a slightly later revision 04a). We had to include an upgrade for the new 4K 60Hz mode and there is not enough space in the local flash memory to hold both upgrades at the same time. You can download version 2015.04A from this link:


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