Bryston BHA-1 bias adjuastment

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Bryston BHA-1 bias adjuastment

by odessamarn » Wed Dec 12, 2018 2:23 pm

I need to adjust bias in Bryston-BHA-1 amplifier.
From scheme i see there are 4 pots in (2 for each channel) with 4 test points (voltage across emitter resistors). Each test points has 3 pin (1,2,3)
The instruction indicate to set bias to 100mV (cover off) and after 30 min (cover on) adjust to 250mV.
There are 3 pins in each test points... I don't understand between which pins i need to measure this 100mV and 250mV.
Could you help me please.
Here is an example what can be done, please tell me which one is correct measurment
pin 1-3 = 100mV, 1-2 = +50mV, 2-3= - 50mV.
pin 1-3 = 200mV, 1-2 = +100mV, 2-3= - 100mV.
Thank you very much

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