New (to me) BDP-1 Stuck on S2.05

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New (to me) BDP-1 Stuck on S2.05

by jphabc54 » Tue Jan 23, 2018 2:30 pm

Hi all -- I just took possession of a used BDP-1. I've successfully booted it and can log into the web interface. I've also mounted a NAS and streamed some (great sounding) music.

Unfortunately I'm having some trouble updating the firmware. It arrived installed with S2.05. On the firmware update page, a stream of subsequent updates are listed (up to S2.36), however when I run the update I receive the error pasted below. After some more troubleshooting I suspect I'm not getting access to the internet, but it's hard to tell (I'm having no issues with my local network). I've confirmed the network settings (correct gateway, subnet, and local IP in DHCP). I've tried the BDP-1 on two different ethernet cords on two different switches. FWIW, I'm also having issues putting the device in service mode (seems to stall out, which again makes me wonder if I'm not getting good access outside my local network). Any advice?


Downloading firmware filesystem

undefined% @undefined
Downloading boot drivers
0% @0
Downloading vmlinuz image

Running Filesystem Check: 4faeeee32acfef8c42caf6f42c9c2fcb /lib/live/mount/medium/live/
:Filsystem Check Failed: md5 values different
Should Be:
Calculated: 4faeeee
You should try redownloading this version of the firmware and try again
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Re: New (to me) BDP-1 Stuck on S2.05

by Chris Rice » Wed Jan 24, 2018 4:36 pm

You could try the following

Open the BDP’s dashboard
Go to “startup script”
Paste the following into the main text area

Code: Select all
cp /defaults/system.internal /defaults/system
curl -o /var/www/mpd/updatefirmware/readme.php
curl -o /var/www/mpd/updatefirmware/installLatestFirmware.php

Click save (optionally afterwards refresh the page to ensure the script was saved)
Turn the BDP off
Turn the BDP back on and try the upgrade again
If the upgrade is successful, remove the contents of the “Startup Script” page
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