Can't Find BDP-1 on ethernet network

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Can't Find BDP-1 on ethernet network

by Buns » Sun Feb 25, 2018 6:53 pm

Recently decided to become familiar with the world of music players and purchased a BDP-1with the intent of later purchasing a BDP-2 or BDP-3 if I liked what the BDP-1 could do.

However I can't find the BDP-1 on my network. Different diagnostics tell me to make sure my Ethernet cable is connected. It seems to be connected properly at the D-Link 8-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch and at the BDP-1, but the readiness light on the switch glows amber rather than green, indicating a bad connection.

On the off-chance that I might have damaged the Tera Grand CAT7 cable, I purchased another and ran it directly to the BDP-1 instead of routing it under baseboards. Same result. I have to assume that cables are OK unless the fact that they are CAT7 is a problem in itself.

Separate problem. In trying to operate the player manually I can get it to play music but it repeats the song it starts with. Trying to advance it by pressing the Next button has no effect. It still repeats. How can I turn the Repeat switch to OFF? When I turn the BDP-1 on it initializes and asks me to specify a playlist or a drive. I don't know how to get to the Reset switch or to Firmware updates.

Por favor, anyone have any suggestions on get onto the Ethernet (Telus T3200M Wi-Fi router) or on finding the Reset switch on the BDP-1?
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Re: Can't Find BDP-1 on ethernet network

by Chris Rice » Mon Feb 26, 2018 3:08 am

LED status lights only indicate that there isn't a connection if the lights are off, the different colours represent link speed and there are no known defined rules the colours are different from manufacturer to manufacturer of the equipment. does pushing the down arrow button indicate the network interface is offline or does it list an ip address? It sounds like your selecting a single song rather then a folder of songs, you may want to review the manic moose manual. ... Manual.pdf
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