S2.38 (9/4/2018)

Modern BDP firmware available as a stable release since June 2014. Compatible with all BDP hardware.

S2.38 (9/4/2018)

by nyctc7 » Thu Sep 06, 2018 4:12 pm

My BDP-Pi is exhibiting some bizarre behavior after this update, in terms of files (audio performance is fine).

At least one of my folders seems "locked", music can be played, but when I transfer a new file from my computer, via Network connection, to this same-named folder on the external hard drive feeding the Pi, and then hit "update" it turns blue, for a few seconds, as if updating, but the file is nowhere to be seen on Media Player. I can see the file in its folder on the hard drive, but nowhere to be seen on same-named Media Player folder. But if I transfer to a different folder on the hard drive, the file shows up in that folder on Media Player. If I re-transfer the file somewhere else on the hard drive, the file on Media Player may or may not transfer, but if it does, the previous location may or may not be erased on Media Player; it shows as an empty file.

Genre, Artist, Album, etc folders just contain a bunch of numbers and nothing playable. I do not use Bryston DB; in fact I'm not even sure what that does. But before the update those folders contained identifiable music file folders.

Edited to add: Artist view is all just a bunch of numbers. I just copied a new folder to my main music folder on the hard drive. It did not appear on Media Player! However, when I copied it to, as an experiment to another folder, it appeared in that folder, even though I don't want it there (different artist). What is going on

Update: I tried a factory reset and that just made matters worse. The unit has failed and only the red power light comes on. Back to Bryston for repair you go.
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