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Settings - Audio Device

by Nazzareno » Mon Nov 04, 2019 12:43 pm

In the Settings Menu I tried to enter Audio Device to check the settings.
Going down to "ADVANCE" I realized the output volume is allways at 86%, resulting in a lower output level from the loudspeakers.
I try to explain what I am meaning:

entering the advance menu a ALSA MIXER WEBUI PAGE shows a SPEAKER PLAY BCACK two cursors (Front Left and Rigth channels) the are set at 86% of max. It is the level of volume sent to the DAC of the preamp.
The system allows to change, so I set both the cursor at 100%.
It is soon evident cose the higher volume from the loudspeakers.
Exited from the page and confirmed the change and heard music for some time.
Now the level remains at maximum (100%) until thy BDP-2 is turned off. When it is turned on again, the levels above are again at 86%.

I ask Chris, is there is any reason for this? Can I do the change permanently and how?
Aslo in ADVANCE, entering USB MIXER there are two options one is that I described before with two cursor, and anothe in whic there is only only one (front left) BRYSTON CLOCK SELECTOR PLAYBACK . Can please explain the function?

Thank you and sorry for my English.....

Nazzareno Lelii
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