SP3 has no HDCP2.2

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SP3 has no HDCP2.2

by Buzzard » Sat Apr 11, 2020 4:35 am

I have recently installed the HDMI 4k upgrade Board to my SP3 - I have loaded Firmware Version u2018.04D 21 and unit shows HDMI Firmware 000112A2B installed I have a Panasonic 4k Oled TV connected to output 1 and Panasonic 1080p Projector on output 2. First issue is that my xbox fitted to input 8 will only see 1080p resolution (Output 2 removed). I have attempted to update the HDMI firmware as per online instructions with no joy. I believe this should not be required as Firmware Version u2018.04D takes care of this! i Have a media player connected to to input 5 and have it forced to 4k60hz and this works fine (ie when input 1 selected TV switches to 4k60hz HDCP1.4 as does Xbox.and this also works on on input 2 and 5 - ie I have no HDCP2.2 support on port 8.
second issue is the second output which I believe I will need to fit a scaler as outputs do not have ability to do this - correct?
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Re: SP3 has no HDCP2.2

by DRC » Tue Jan 12, 2021 10:17 pm

Did you ever resolve this issue?
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