B100 preamp section for 4BSSTsquared


25-09-2014 02:48:22

I'm using the B100's preamp section to drive my 4B-SST2 . SQ is marvellous. Does anyone out there also use this matching and if so, how is your SQ? I've read some scarce mixed opinions on other forums, and cannot fathom why. I think B100's preamp function is vastly underrated. Have heard the B60, and didn't like it.


Gary Dayton

29-09-2014 16:22:50

This sounds like a perfectly good idea to me even though it's not something I've tried myself. I have often thought that purchasing an integrated amplifier is a great value regardless if you intend for it to be a timeless piece in your system or as a stepping stone. As a stepping stone, a quality integrated can be either a fixed-input amp or a high end pre.


01-10-2014 18:06:36

Hi Gary,

You probably have read this thread, but here it is anyways:

The last post is interesting.

And I agree, B100 is excellent value, shall never sell it!