25-09-2014 14:36:49

Currently using BP-26 P with 4BST. Thinking about trade in of 4BST to 4BSST SQ'D

I'm sure there are those out there that have already done this and wondered what sonic differences (improvements) they noticed.

Wrong part of the forum, but when I sent my BP-25P back to the factory for a BP-26 upgrade, I noticed more detail and I guess as the reviewers say "more space around instruments and voices"

thinking I should add the SST SQ'D


25-09-2014 16:00:24

The number one thing I like about the squared series of amps is that their character just doesn't change with output power which, in my experience, is unique to Bryston amps. It's amazing how small improvements in clarity and spatial performance can make a major emotional impact on listening.


26-09-2014 05:18:41

To the 'first watt is equal to the last watt' concept started with the squared series?

Gary Dayton

29-09-2014 16:23:30


15-12-2015 18:26:26

Seasons Greetings to All.

4BST is gone. 4BSST SQ'D has taken its place. Improvement is not the right word because I was pretty happy with the 4BST. But there are sonic differences (all positive) in the SST SQ'D's presentation. Background is quieter, I can hear deeper into the music. Background instruments are clearer (cleaner?) and crisper (both midrange and high frequencies) and high frequencies are smoother. Voices more life-like. Don't get me wrong, I was happy with the 4BST, SST SQ'D makes it that much more enjoyable to sit down and listen to music.