please help me identify this 4B board


25-11-2016 18:14:00


I got this amplifier for repair and somebody already seems to have worked on it.

4 power transistors (one of each branch) are blown. Here they use 2N3773 and 2N6609.

My question is, as you can see in the picture on the middle board they have two PNPs on the right and two NPN to the left.

There is not one schematic on the net I could find where there is two PNP or NPN in one branch on the middle board. (there is the otrigger boads where they are the same and base and collector are together, yes)

So, if somebody could help me to find the right schematic or tell me if this is indeed the right configuration that would be awesome.

One thing I can tell, this thing is OLD.

Thanks guys


25-11-2016 20:59:56

I think I found the schematic