Integrating a pair of subwoofer in my 2 channel system


12-12-2018 05:41:32

I have integrated a couple of Velodyne DD-10+ subs into my hifi system, the mains are Harbeth HL5s. Currently, the DD-10+ subs are connected to my preamp line level outputs via RCA interconnects whilst my Bryston 4B SSTĀ² is connected to my preamp line output via XLR interconnects.

The same subs are also integrated into my a/v system by connecting the a/v receiver sub out to the other DD-10+ RCA input.

The alternative would be to connect my subs to the high level output of my Bryston power amp in parallel to my mains and connect the a/v sub outputs to the line inputs of my subs.

When I initially tried listening to my system in these two configurations, I could hear a difference in the sound of my mains and in the timing of the bass reproduced by the DD-10+s.

Before doing this, I sought some advice from REL who told me that thier subs or any other subs would not affect the performance of my Bryston in any way if I connect the subs in parallel to my mains, due to the high incidence of the subwoofer high level inputs. Others warned me against doing this, they mentioned another aspect of the power amp performance that would be adversely affected although I didn't understand it. So who is right? Both parties were adamant but they can't both be right. Anyone here can offer advice? Who is right?

Mike Pickett

18-12-2018 21:46:50


I tend to recommend using the line level connections when using a pair of subs, or for subs that have stereo inputs, but the speaker level inputs have their advantages as well. For example, when the line level connection would require a very long pair of RCA's, the speaker level connection will probably end up being quieter.

This is a situation where there isn't a one-size-fits-all 'right' answer, which is why so many subs (including our own) include both line level and speaker level inputs.

I would say that the right answer is the configuration that integrates best in your particular situation...