Audio lover in the making


24-09-2014 15:31:50

Figured I'd share a photo of our little boy helping install mommy & daddy's new 4B as my first post - hopefully he's a music and audio lover in the making!

This Bryston forum is very cool - look forward to watching it grow. Keep up the great work Bryston!

Cole with Bryston SMALL.jpg
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Gary Dayton

24-09-2014 20:54:55

Strong boy to help place a 4B on the shelf!

I used to work in customer service for a speaker company and would always get calls from sad fathers who's children had accidentally blown their speakers to bits by turning the volume up all the way. When my daughter was born, I decided to teach her how to turn the music up and down "safely" to avoid the trauma. It worked!

--Gary / Bryston