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BDP-2 & BOT-1

by gassman_67 » Mon Apr 04, 2016 6:20 pm

Hi, I just picked up a second hand BDA-2 and BDP-2, and purchased a new BOT-1 from Audio Eden. I set up a new NAS, got into the MM and updated the firmware to Feb 2016. Everything seems ok. I started to rip cd's to the NAS, it takes a minimum 20 minutes to rip,encode and complete each track. On several occasions, after a track or two, the cd auto ejects, and the process has to be re-started, sometimes the MM just does nothing at all, wont refresh..I did a factory reset on the up the NAS etc...same. I was going to do an A/B with a fresh FLAC rip to a session on my Krell EVO 505 cd, the freshly completed rip did not even show in my newly created library.What gives? Why does it take 20 mins to rip to my WD NAS on my network, it takes 5-7 minutes to rip to the internal WD in the BDP-2 but I want to store music in my RAIDed NAS .At this rate, trying to rip 500 discs will take an eternity. not really happy with my $5k+ equipment :evil

I have submitted questions DIRECTLY to the contact link on the Bryston website, several weeks ago, I have NOT received a response back. At least when I had a problem with Krell, not only did I receive communications from the service manager but also the VP.This is a F'ing JOKE
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Re: BDP-2 & BOT-1

by Chris Rice » Wed Apr 06, 2016 3:30 pm

If ripping to your NAS is taking substantially longer then it is likely an with either the performance of the NAS or some sort of bottleneck in bandwidth between your ripping device and the NAS its self. What kind of NAS and RAID configuration are you using? Do you have gigabit connection between your computer, NAS and everything in between? Or is the a wireless or non conventional wired connection in between somewhere?

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