two questions about the audio

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two questions about the audio

by Buseto » Sat Nov 08, 2014 7:49 am

I got a few questions about the SP3 by someone who considers to buy one, and find it difficult to answer them (although I have a SP3). I hope that someone will answer them here.

First question: He has read the following and wonders if it is (still) true:
'If you are listening to a DTS-HD MA soundtrack with less than 7 channels and have rear channel speakers, the SP3 will only expand the soundtrack to a 7.1 mix if a subwoofer is configured on the SP3. One way around the issue is to send PCM from the Blu-ray player and then apply Dolby PLIIx to use the rear channels.'

(I don't use a subwoofer and do not expand audio files.)

Second question: And about this passage he also wonders if it is still through:
'I still encountered an occasional audio tick especially when the SP3 was switching between audio formats such as Dolby Digital or DTS-HD MA. This was most noticeable when playing extras on movies.'

(I can't remember having heard an audio tick.)
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