SP3 problem after update to 2017.03b

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SP3 problem after update to 2017.03b

by DRC » Wed May 31, 2017 5:10 pm

I updated from 2013.10e to 2017.03b a few weeks ago. I was reluctant because I never really had any issues. One of my sources is a Marantz UD9004 which I use for Blu Ray as well as CD, SACD and DVD Audio. It is a high end player with 7.1 channel output as well as HDMI. When I watch a Blu Ray I use HDMI but when I listen to audio I use the 7.1 Channel bypass on the SP3. I have been unable to play SACD for a few weeks and reported the problem to Marantz. They suggested it might be due to an HDMI handshaking issue. Sure enough I unplugged the HDMI from the SP3 and I can play SACD. The only difference in my set up is the upgrade to 2017.03b. I noticed in the SP3 now there are a large number of HDMI set up options none of which I have touched.
The Marantz is hooked up via HDMI to HDMI 3 which corresponds to Tuner on the front panel. The analogue outputs on the Marantz go to the 7.1 analogue inputs on the SP3.
What am I missing?
CD plays fine but SACD does not play, it is almost like it is skipping or the SP3 is trying to "connect" the HDMI at the same time as the signal is coming into the 7.1 analogue inputs.
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