Cannot Index Albums

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Cannot Index Albums

by KaufmanD » Thu Jan 29, 2015 3:44 pm

I have a BDP-1 and have installed all the recent upgrades to Manic Moose, including 2.06. With previous system, Looney Loon, I controlled the BDP on my Android phone through Droid MPD or MPDroid or on desktop with Gnome Music Player. Droid MPD and GMP, as well as Bryston's software, would index everything (MPDroid would only show a files index). Since switching to Manic Moose, no program will index album information, showing UNKNOWN instead of album title.
Within Manic Moose (from my desktop) I have indexed artists as instructed, several times. I have reloaded new data from dbpoweramp and reindexed for artists. It doesn't help; the new data also shows no album information. The metadata on the drive has not changed and contains proper album information. Out of 700 CDs and a few hi-res CD files, only ten CDs show album data. One CD shows album data for three out of 12 songs, but not the rest.
I have carefully looked at the metadata and cannot see any difference between the few CDs that show album information and all the rest (that do not). All the control programs I have show the same problem--no album information for 99% of the ripped CDs. Consequently, the artists index, for each artist, shows a collection of songs all lumped together under a single, UNKNOWN album title. I'm completely puzzled by this. Any help would be appreciated.
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