New Firmware Available (always)

Modern BDP firmware available as a stable release since June 2014. Compatible with all BDP hardware.

New Firmware Available (always)

by Krutsch » Sun Apr 19, 2015 3:43 pm

Hi... sorry for yet another question/issue. I love the sound of this player, so I am determined to keep reporting issues in the hope of helping you (Bryston) improve the software.

I've been shutting down / restarting the BDP-1 a fair amount (say, a dozen times) to get the Artists View to populate. I've noticed that whenever I restart the BDP-1, the front panel looks like this:

Bryston BDP-1
[]stalling MPD 0.17.6

Then, when I load the MM UI, the main page has a button that indicates there is a new firmware version available. When I then click on Update Firmware on the Dashboard, this is always displayed:

S2.11 2015-04-13
Media Player - Artist View
Checks if process is running rather then relying on flag
Loads artists in chunks of 25 at a time
Fixed path check for cover art issue

... which I believe I already have loaded. A few times, I've clicked on Update anyway and let it go through the process. It seems to complete successfully.

Interestingly, when I do this, I am able to rebuild the audio track database and it's then rebuild the Artists View (see my other post on that subject); it's the one time I can get into that view.
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