Album View with BDP-1

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Album View with BDP-1

by Krutsch » Wed Jun 03, 2015 12:31 pm

S2.13 2015-05-29
Build: Manic Moose
MPD: 0.18.21 NEWS
Kernel: 3.16-0.bpo.2-486

An issue with both Artist and the BETA Album View: finishing the initial cache of album art.

You click Reset DB from either view of the app, which triggers the rebuild of the Bryston DB and the subsequent album art caches for Artist and Album view. You better make sure you don't close the browser window and/or let your computer go to sleep before this finishes; else, it never finishes building the view and you are forced to again Reset DB and start over.

My system spent about 5 hours building both the Artist view and the Album view, which stopped at the letter 'P' for albums. When I re-opened my browser, reloaded the album view URL, it quickly re-loaded the albums up to the letter 'P', but nothing ever appears after that point. If you SSH into the BDP-1 and look at 'top', you can see node using about 20% of the CPU, but you never get any additional albums.

Since generating these views takes a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY long time, you need a button on the UI to regenerate these views, off-line; say, over night, in a manner that doesn't require the browser window to remain open and the computer to remain active.
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