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The BDA-3 delivers superb sonic performance through re-sampling and re-clocking of the digital input signal.

Latest Firmware

by Lwxian » Sat Jul 03, 2021 3:57 pm

After I updated my BDP-2 firmware to latest firmware, I realise that only my BDP-2 is able to be detected by and not my BDA-3. Is it because there is a new firmware for BDA-3? Where can I download the latest firmware for BDA-3? Mine is version u2020.6C. Is it outdated already? My serial is 000119 (s/n <001085) so it is before the new mainboard. I also checked that my firmware path should be wrong... it is still at and not able to change it to

Can send me a link to the latest BDA-3 firmware?

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